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¡Welcome to Agency Tour Rapanuitravels!

We are a national agency with several years of experience providing advisory services and planning travel destinations worldwide . We have an extensive network of contacts and functional , which help us to provide particular services support in the planning and realization of trips .
Find the best options on travel, vacation , work, business and travel for special reasons. We have a travel assistance platform , covering a broad portfolio of services, both domestic and international destinations .
We invite you to learn more about our packages and services on our website . Please contact us to offer personalized service. We are happy to meet your requirements.
Visit our offices and ask for the activities of this season.
Atamu Tekenna S / N, Hanga - Roa , Easter Island ..
Phone: ( 0056-32 ) 2100548 .
We have a 10% discount for cash payments and accept all kinds of cards and checks .



26/10/2013 02:45

Welcome to our new Web site!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website You can find updated...
14/10/2013 15:36

Destination and culture

For our customers, we have available an excellent database with complete information on cultural...



Rapa Nui Travel

Tu’u Koihu S/N
Hanga-Roa, Isa de Pascua.

(0056-32) 2100548 Fono

(0056-032) 2100165 Fono/Fax

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